HAPPY NEW YEAR! So long 2015!

January 5th, 2016


Well hello there strangers! ūüėČ Happy New Years! Hope all of you had a swell Christmas.

It’s been awhile since we posted a blog update….

….Hmmmmmmm… longer than we care to admit lol.. So we’ve decided to end that streak today!

We are finally getting around to updating the¬†website and some of its information. We have some exciting things to share concerning news about upcoming shows, different events this year, and glimpses into our personal lives to some extent. This way you guys can all have an idea of¬†what’s currently going on in the wonderful world of Brightwork.

First and foremost, I‚Äôd like to say thank you for visiting our band page and checking out the content we have available! Be sure to check out our most recent music video for “Hope For Love” along with the links to all of our records in the “Meet Us” and “Store” pages.

So let’s do a quick recap! In 2014 we finished recording the “Hope For Love” album in Los Angeles, CA with our good friends Riley Friesen and Nathan Dantzler. We spent the majority of the year promoting the release and playing as much as possible as we were pretty much “Full-Time” at that point. So just imagine for a second, “Playing Music=Bills Paid”. Yes we know, it sounds crazy but it was happening believe it or not. As the year progressed, we continued touring and eventually made our first music video with the extremely talented Jonathan Salas and the Karbon Media staff. Super good stuff, no doubt! And lastly we were preparing to tour with “Acquire the Fire” for the first half of 2015. So we were out on the road doing small banquet dates with their team to sort of “hype” people up for the actual events to come in the following year.

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So that brings us to the beginning of this past year of 2015…. and it all began with a…BOOM! (Insert every explosion from every Michael Bay movie into one scene and Brightwork is at the center of destruction lol)

But no, seriously.. ¬†we can laugh now about “some” of the things that took place , but in those moments¬†our company was definitely that of a laugh free zone. We could elaborate and go into great detail, but the basics will give you the gist of it.

So, 2015.. Here we go!

So first off…Acquire The Fire, didn’t really work out. We lost all of the dates that had been promised to us for the first part of 2015, ¬†and the lack of follow through on their end completely sabotaged our living situations. There was even an arrest warrant eventually issued for Ron Luce which is crazy and sad all at the same time. From there, Caleb and his family were evicted from their residence putting their family in a basement at Caleb’s parents, and John had to relocate back to Virginia Beach being that he was living with Caleb and Kate at the time. So…¬†pretty major setback for all of us, as we found ourselves farther apart than we had ever been in every aspect of our relationships. Emotionally, spiritually, professionally, musically… all of it…

It honestly took us the first 6 months of the year to get our feet back under us and figure out what the future looked like, if there was to even be one. I know there were many discussions, times spent in prayer, and lots of wandering to try and understand and make some kind of sense of the events that had taken place. We definitely understand that hard times come and go, but the first part of this past year almost broke us if we’re being completely transparent.

However, we were resilient and responded really well to the adversity once we got things figured out. We finished up 2015 playing some of the biggest shows we’ve ever played. I mean for real? We shared the stage with Lecrae on one weekend in TX, and ¬†with Skillet the following weekend in MT. Pretty cool stuff.

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We also won the National CFA talent search contest, which means we beat out all of the other Festival winners in the entire country. It’s a huge blessing and opportunity, one that we are so thankful for. So you can expect to see us at most every major Christian Music Festival this Summer! So if you’re close to any be sure to come hang. Check to see which ones are closest to you here at this link!¬†http://www.christianfestivals.org/

In other news outside of music, John and I (Micah here) are now living together in an apartment outside Roanoke¬†and are helping out at a new church plant with our good friend Joey Petty when we’re not on the road. I crush him in Call of duty every day, just in case anyone was wondering… specifically that cat named Joel! ūüėČ

Andrew has some pretty exciting stuff coming up as he will become a married man this April. We’re so pumped for him and Gabby!

And lastly, Caleb’s family of 3 became a family of 4. Reumah Leigh Carpenter was born this past July and she is currently enriching every part of their lives… except for their sleep cycle.. so I’m told.

So with all of that, we have high hopes as we enter into this new year. We’re eager to meet new faces, play way more shows than last year, and possibly record some new tunes… Guess you’ll have to stick around to find out ūüėČ

And we’d like to quickly thank all of the loyal friends and fans who have stuck with us through everything. Your prayers, love, and continued support allows us to share our music and the truth of the Gospel.

So,Thank you. Without you we wouldn’t be here today.

We look forward to more great times, more shows, and more rock n’ roll!

Micah, Andrew, Caleb, John