10.25.2017 – Brightwork News & Updates

October 25th, 2017

Hey guys, it’s been a minute since we updated our blog so I wanted to take some time to catch everyone up on what we’re doing and what’s in the near future.

For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook or social media, 2016 was an amazing year. We were the national winners for the CFA contest, which placed us in some really cool spots and festival appearances. We toured the entire summer and lived the dream for that period of time. It was really great. Even sang a few songs with Jon Foreman(Switchfoot). :)


However coming off of that high and out of that season has certainly presented its fair share of difficulties, and its been a pretty bumpy ride since then.

We unfortunately made a bad investment in our transportation for the band. No one’s fault really, just a stroke of bad luck I presume but we definitely ended up with a lemon. After our summer of touring last year, it’s been in the shop for 8 of the last 12 months. We’ve put an additional $10,000 worth of repairs into it in the past year alone on top of a fairly high monthly payment. Nuts, right? Yeah we think so too.

Anyways, no vehicle and no trailer kind of makes being in a band or doing music difficult, especially when that’s how you get to and from shows. That’s how you make your living.

We no longer have a full-time drummer at this point. We have a few great guys that we call to fill in, but occasionally Micah has to hop over to drums if there is a conflict of calendars. He’s a talented fella and we’re definitely blessed to have him.

We’re not full-time at the moment in music either. Over the past 10 years there have been periods where I was touring full-time and supporting myself and family on the income of the band but there have also been many seasons where we were bivocational as well, and that’s the season we’re in at the moment. I currently work part time at a church here in Clifton, John works for a lumber company in Richmond, and you can find Micah cooking up delicious dishes over at TapHouse in Daleville. (Delicious dishes is not easy to say repeatedly. #tonguetwister)

Also, on a positive note, Micah got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Taylor. We’re super stoked excited for those two. Love you guys! :)

So, yeah, band things have been pretty quiet around here, but that doesn’t mean we’re dead. Brightwork is very much still alive and rockin and rollin. Our new friend Annettee Holloway took these killer photos of a show a few months backĀ in Chesapeake. #Youthweek2017


We’re currently in the process of writing for a new record as well. Brightwork definitely started as worship band/project that evolved into something else entirely. Every time we get into the creative process it’s like erasing everything you’ve known about yourself and rewriting the code of who you are as a band from scratch. It’s always challenging, but there’s a lot of excitement in that phase as well. We’re doing a bit of searching and vision casting for the next project, and we’re also shopping producers right now, which is new to us.

The past few projects, that cover the last 6-7 years, were all done with our good friend Riley Friesen. We love the heck out of that guy but I think we’re just at that stage in our career where we’re looking to try something different.

We have a few dates coming up and are looking to end the year on a strong note. We miss and love you all dearly, and can’t wait to see you guys when we get back out there on the road.

The best is yet to come, and we believe that.